After a decade as a teacher and school counselor in Austin, Emilie looked back on the years she spent as a babysitter and nanny with fresh eyes. She saw how a nanny could be an active ally in a child’s development with the right tools, so Emilie decided to build the toolbox.

Born and educated in France, Emilie earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Texas. She also picked up Spanish, which led to her work as a private French and Spanish tutor, and later, to her career as an ESL and bilingual teacher for children in grades pre-kindergarten to third.

!Hola Nanny! is anchored in Emilie’s belief from birth to age eight, children go through their most important period of brain development, that bilingualism strengthens their cognitive potential, and that play is how children learn and build healthy minds.

A traveler who loves to bake and cook, Emilie spends free time coaxing her friends and family to roam with her and taking her dog on long walks to explore locally. 

At !Hola Nanny! we believe in a healthy B.R.A.I.N development


Learning a second language can boost the brain. Bilingualism strengthens children’s cognitive potential. Research shows that bilingual children have an easier time:

  • Solving problems
  • Focusing
  • Remembering and making decisions
  • Learning other languages
  • Using logic and understanding math problems

At !Hola Nanny! we believe that respect is one of the most important traits in childcare setting. Trustworthy and long term relationships are built on respect. For that reason our employers, employees and clients show respect to each other. We respect our employees and clients by giving them the attention they need, listening to their opinions and speaking with kindness.

In doing so, we are able to model respect to the children at !Hola Nanny!


Did you know that child’s play helps build a better brain? Play is one of the most important ways in which children gain essential knowledge and skills. At !Hola Nanny! we take playtime seriously. We incorporate play-base learning activities/strategies into our curriculum and offer many opportunities for children to explore the world around them through playtime


At !Hola Nanny!we are proud to say that our nannies participate in monthly trainings to help them stay up-to-date on best practices in early childhood development. Our agency also focuses on language acquisition by hiring and training bilingual nannies. We provide curriculum play-based on a monthly basis. Our curriculum are created by professional educators and are developmentally appropriate.


At !Hola Nanny! we believe that nurturing emotional relationships between caregivers and children are the most crucial primary foundation for both intellectual and social growth. When they are nurturing relationships, children learn to be intimate, empathic and eventually to communicate their feelings. Emotional interactions are the foundation of most of a child’s intellectual abilities.