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The 7 Steps Matching Process

The 7 Steps Matching Process

Family Application

Each family will start the matching process by completing the family application. We use your family application to understand your childcare needs and goals/expectations. Once you submit your completed application you will receive a family contract in order to start the matching process.

Home Consultation

Once the application is reviewed and the family contract is completed, the founder will visit your home via a video call or in-person. During the home consultation we will gather information to best match your family with one of our nannies.

Screening Process

During this process, we will look for potential nannies. We call references and interview all candidates at least twice. We conduct through background screenings and each nanny will have to pass a nanny basic skills assessments.

Family Interviews

This is the most exciting step! Once we are done with our screening processes, we will send the resumes of our top candidates. We will help you coordinate interviews with candidates. In addition, we will provide you with important interview questions you can use during this process.

Nanny Trial

The nanny trial will be conducted for a week. This process will allow the family to decide if the nanny is the right fit for them. We provide evaluations and surveys to help families make the final decision.

The Hiring Process

Congratulation on finding the right !Hola Nanny! for your family. All of our nannies are considered household employees and for that reason families are responsible for payroll and taxes. At !Hola Nanny! we partner with HomePay to help our clients with tax, payroll and human resources transitions.

On-going Support

We will continue supporting your family by providing monthly evaluations, educational workshops and themed curriculum. We are here 24/7 to answer any questions and concerns you might have regarding our services.